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Learning about Arc Flash Compliance

OSHA now recognizes Arc Flash and Arc-Blast as a work place hazard. Temperatures at the arc flash can reach 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit (hot as the surface of the sun)and the blast can propel fragmented components outward at a velocity in excess of 700 miles per hour. The resulting loss of life and limb is no longer deemed acceptable by OSHA…read more

How to select your Provider for Arc Flash Calculations

Arc flash calculations are an extension of traditional fault energy (short-circuit) calculations. Providers who are already highly experienced in fault calculations have the best background for performing Arc flash calculations.

Power Analysis Associates engineering staff have been teaching and providing fault energy calculations for over twenty years…read more

Determining When Studies are Necessary

Anytime new protective devices are installed, particularly involving relays, both short circuit and selective coordination studies should be performed. Regardless of the sophistication of the relay system, optimum protection cannot be obtained unless the correct relay settings are determined. Correct setting values can only be determined by a study based on all the pertinent electrical characteristics of the equipment in the system…read more

Recommended Study Specifications: New Construction

The Contractor shall have an arc flash analysis,  short circuit and coordination study prepared for the electrical overcurrent devices to be installed under this project (or as defined herein) to verify that the specified and supplied equipment is properly rated, will function correctly, and that the electrical system and personnel are properly protected…read more

Recommended Study Specifications: Existing Facility

The Independent Engineering Firm shall provide an arc flash hazard analysis, short circuit and protective coordination study for the electrical distribution system shown on the one line drawings provided. The intent of the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Study is to determine the arc flash and voltage hazards that exist at each piece of electrical equipment shown on the one line drawing…read more